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  3. Bedruckte Textilbänder
  4. Bügelband Mieder
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  6. Filtergewebe-Schlauch
  7. Hosenbund
  8. Keder- und Kordelbänder
  9. Nahtfügeband – Topp Speedfix
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  15. Schwerentflammbare Bänder
  16. Seam Reinforcement
  17. Selbstklebende Bänder
  18. Selbstleuchtende Bänder
  19. Stanzbänder
  20. Tunnelband

Seam Reinforcement

Topp Textil GmbH produces various tapes and textile solutions for a wide range of applications. This also includes the production of seam reinforcing tapes, called Topp®Seam. These tapes are used to ensure process stability and a uniform seam appearance at high production speeds. In addition, the tapes give increased seam stability and thus ensure increased durability of the seam and prevent the bottom cover from showing through.

The areas of application are divided according to the three main business areas of Topp Textil. Seams on bags and suitcases are heavily stressed by frequent use and the weight. In the clothing industry, the seam reinforcement tapes are used as pocket tapes, also called safety tapes or perlon tapes. In the home textiles sector, the tapes are incorporated into seating furniture, for example. Topp®Seam also fulfils its purpose in the automotive industry and is used, for example, as so-called reinforcement tapes in car seats and interiors.

Depending on the area of application, the textile tapes are made of natural or synthetic fibres in very sturdy and strong or very fine, light textiles in order to prevent the seam from being worn or the tape from being pushed through. Woven, non-woven or knitted fabrics serve as the textile basis for seam reinforcement. This depends on the customer's requirements and the areas of application of the seam reinforcement tapes. Bias fabrics or bias tapes are also used for the production of seam reinforcement tapes. The tapes are produced by Topp with different elasticities. To ensure that the Topp®Seam tape is not visible through the seam and that the seam is covered even under high tensile loads across the seam, the seam reinforcement tapes or safety tapes can be selected in the desired colours. For this purpose, Topp Textil has an extensive range with corresponding colour cards, which are stored on site in the production facilities.

In addition, it is possible for the seam reinforcement tapes to have a flame retardant or hot light resistant finish. This is particularly advantageous for the automotive and aviation sectors. Another special feature of the seam sealing tapes is that Topp can coat them with different thermoplastics on request and thus the tape additionally fulfils the functions of a sealing tape (Topp Seal).