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Functionalisation of Textiles by Coating.

Coating textiles with polymers enables a variety of different functionalities. In addition to the powerful bonding of textiles, other functions such as UV protection, barrier, breathability, and material reinforcement can be integrated. The polymers used are thermoplastic co-polyesters, polyurethanes and polyolefins such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

Weißes Polymergranulat in einer geöffneten Hand.


Since 2019, Topp Textil has a state-of-the-art cast film extrusion line. It can be used to directly coat textile fabrics with thermoplastic polymers. This allows energy-efficient and solvent-free production of open and closed laminates and composite textiles in just one step. With our extrusion, textiles up to 180 cm width can be coated with an application weight of 20‑400 g/m². The production of pure films, e.g. TPU adhesive films, barrier films or breathable membranes is also possible.

Mitarbeiter prüft Düsen an einer Extrusionsbeschichungsanlage.

Pilot Plant Extruder

In 2023, a pilot extruder from Collin has been put into operation. It can be used to cost-effectively carry out trials on coating and cast film production as well as the production of small quantities.

Technical Data:

  • Single-screw extruder with 3-zone screw
  • Monoextrusion in 40 cm die width
  • Coating weight 20‑400 g/m²
  • Suitable for laminate production


Trial Enquiries:

You would like to use our laboratory extruder for trials?
Send your request to: extrusion@topp‑

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