Tape Production at Topp Textil.

The production of textile tapes has been one of our key areas since our company was founded. In addition to straight and bias tapes, we also produce cord tapes, ruffle tapes, tucks, pipings, and more.

Bias Bindings

Many of our tapes are made of bias fabric. Its production was invented and industrialised in the 1940s by our founder Gerhard Topp. To produce bias binding, textile tubes are cut open at the corresponding angle, using a peeling machine. The tubes are woven by ourselves, or made from straight fabric by ultrasonic welding or sewing.


For the production of our tapes we have more than 3,000 materials in stock. We use nonwovens, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, as well as artificial and genuine leather.

Confectioning and Processing Methods

In addition to cutting, hot cutting, and cross-cutting of tapes, the tapes can be further processed in a variety of ways:
we fold, sew, punch, perforate, and confection with different piping cores or inserts. The tapes can be printed with offset, relief, gravure, screen, transfer, and digital printing technology.

Types of Tapes

Our product portfolio includes among others:
sealing tapes, airbag tapes, heatsealing tapes, decorative piping, piping tapes, trim tapes, trouser waistbands, iron-on tapes, edging tapes, cut tapes, diagonal and semi-diagonal tapes, leather piping, seam sealing tapes, seam tapes, reflective tapes, reflective cords, flame-retardant tapes, seamless bias binding, tunnel tapes, and velour tapes.

Other Expertise