Climate Protection and Environment.

For us, sustainability is more than just using organic cotton. We only begin new developments if the end result is a more sustainable product or process. We are constantly looking for new raw materials, processes and ways to further reduce our impact on the environment.

Carbon Neutral since 2019

Carbon neutrality is not a distant goal for us, but a practised reality. We compensate our emissions entirely through high quality certificates. We are a member of the Carbon-Neutral-Allgäu-Alliance.

Sustainability Fund

Since 2016, we have paid each year 5 % of the purchase volume from non-sustainable raw materials into our non-profit environmental fund. We use the money to purchase compensation areas in our region and restore them to preserve biodiversity.


Since 1993, we are energy self-sufficient and with 450 kWP we have substantial power on the roof. As a result, we produce about 30 % more electricity per year than we consume. In case we require electricity from the grid on dark days, we only use electricity from hydro, solar or wind power.

Battery Storage

In order to use the power of the sun even more efficiently, we invested in two battery storage units in 2022. This allows us to store the surplus and also produce with solar power during dark and cloudy times.

Alpine Forest Project

Topp Textil is based in the Allgäu region which is worldwide famous for its beautiful alpine landcape. Therefore, the protection of the mountains is particularly close to our hearts. Since 2022, we have been planting one tree in the Allgäu mountains for each individual customer order.

Rainwater Harvesting

Groundwater is a precious commodity. To reduce our consumption, we collect rainwater in a cistern, treat it, and use it as process water.

Solar Thermal Energy

It is much more sustainable to heat water with solar engery than with natural gas. Since 1993, we operate a solar thermal unit to heat water in an environmentally friendly way for underfloor heating and process use.

Biotope Area

Our company premises should also serve to maintain biodiversity. For this reason, we have created a large-scale and natural biotope system inhabited by native bird species, insects, and lizards.

Filled Up with Sun

Our fleet consists mostly of hybrid and electric vehicles, which are fuelled directly with electricity from our photovoltaic system using our wallboxes.

Company Bees

Two bee colonies populate our factory premises. The striped colleagues promote not only a splendid variety of flowers in our surroundings. The honey is also a welcome gift for employees, customers, and suppliers.