Turning Tradition into Innovation - Weaving With Shuttle.

In the 1940s, our founder Gerhard Topp industrialised the bias binding production. He developed the process that is still used today to convert woven tubes into elastic bias fabrics. Since then, tube weaving has been an important part of Topp Textil and it is impossible to imagine bias binding production without it. So far the only way to produce them is by traditional shuttle looms.

After the weaving mill was closed for a period of time, it has once again been an integral part of production since 2011. Various flat and tubular fabrics are now produced there, primarily for the company's own further processing.

Our Weaving Mill

We weave seamless circular tubes and technical specialty fabrics from filament and staple fibres. 50 full-width looms with shuttle technology process natural fibres (e.g. cotton, linen, hemp) and synthetic fibres (e.g. polyamide, polyester, meta-aramide and PPS) in separate areas.

The portfolio includes technical fabrics in 3 mm to 2.4 m width and endless circular tubes in 500 mm to 2.0 m width.

Other Expertise

Zwei Hände einer Mitarbeiterin halten ein gezacktes Lederband.
Tape Production
Schmeidemaschine mit eingespannter langer Textilrolle und vielen kleinen runden Messern.
Viereckiges mit Leinengewebe bespanntes Formbauteil in das die Silhouette eines Autos eingeprägt ist.
Metallrolle über die eine Bahn an gerade beschichteter Textilware läuft.