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What defines us.
What drives us.

"We want to be a company that develops creative and challenging textile solutions, always acting in harmony with people and nature!" - Dr. Stefan Topp

Geschäftsführer Dr. Stefan Topp im Anzug mit verschränkten Armen vor dem Haupteingang mit groß sichtbarem Unternehmenslogo.

Image Film 2023

A Story from a Different Perspective

Sometimes it does not take much to put the familiar into a new perspective. Sometimes it only takes a small twist. Many everyday objects can be easily twisted, but does that also work with a fabric? Is it possible to produce a fabric at a 45° angle in such a way that several hundred continuous metres come out?

Our founder Gerhard Topp found a solution to this problem in the 1940s after a long period of tinkering: he took long tubular fabrics and cut them at a 45° angle with a special cutting machine he had developed. The result was the first industrially produced seamless bias fabric - a great success at the time!

Meanwhile, the small company has grown into a global group with over 200 employees at four locations. The bias fabric still exists, but it is now one of many innovative textile solutions for a steadily growing number of industries.

Lose übereinandergelegtes Band aus Schräggewebe mit bedruckten schrägen blauen Streifen.

For People and Environment

It became clear at an early age that our Managing Director Dr. Stefan Topp has a heart for nature and other living creatures: he founded an animal welfare association at the age of 11. But the love for nature was never a private matter for the passionate hobby beekeeper. Long before the profession of sustainability officer had been invented, he set the course for ecologically compatible business at Topp Textil. Meanwhile, Topp Textil has its own environmental fund and is committed to climate, nature, and wildlife protection in a variety of ways. This approach is paying off.

Topp Textil has already been carbon neutral since 2019, has been spared the effects of the energy crisis thanks to large solar capacities and battery storage, and can impress customers with clever mono-material solutions. The warm and friendly interaction between people is also lived and cherished. The employees feel and appreciate that, and have voted Topp Textil one of the best employers in Bavaria at Great Place to Work® 2023.

Vogelperspektive auf Topp Textil mit sichtbaren Solarpanels und herbstlichen Bäumen am Horizont.

Striking New Paths

Topp Textil initially suffered the same fate as many other European textile companies. After great expansion in the 1950s and 1960s with the opening of numerous foreign locations, the textile and apparel sector began to relocate to Eastern Europe and Asia, which had a severe impact on the industry. Only a few textile companies were able to survive in Germany, mostly under unfavourable business conditions. Topp Textil also suffered heavy losses in sales.

The consistent focus on technical applications and the development of sophisticated technical solutions led Topp Textil back onto the path of growth. In this way, the standard article manufacturer for the apparel industry has developed more and more into an innovative problem solver for automotive, medicine, home, and apparel. By focusing comprehensively on sustainability at an early stage, Topp Textil was able to further expand its success. It has become a pioneer for a responsible and future-oriented business.

Von einem löchrigen schwarzen Textil umhüllter Lichtleiter, der durch die Löcher rot Leuchtet.

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