Knitting for Versatile Structures.

Most of our textile tapes and solutions are made of fabrics. In addition to our particularly strong and elastic bias fabrics, we also process numerous knitted and warp-knitted fabrics. The different loop designs allow almost unlimited creative possibilities here.

Phase-Knitting Technology

With our patented Phase-Knitting process, we have an innovative knitting technology for the waste-free production of complex functional textile structures from defined fibre hybrids with directly integrated additional elements. The efficient and sustainable manufacturing process with AI-supported process control is pioneering the new generation of ecological functional textiles.

Warp Knitting

For the production of our tapes, laminates, and coated textiles, we process a wide range of knitted fabrics. For this, we do not only use established products on the market. For special requirements, we produce knitted fabrics with customised elasticity, hand feel, and surface structure.

Other Expertise

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Tape Production
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