Functional Textiles for Healthcare and Nursing.

Whether in hospitals or in rehabilitation - textiles are essential in the health care sector. In addition to special functional requirements, the focus is on washing resistance and compliance according to relevant health standards. Topp Textil produces functional medical textiles with the particular advantage of sustainability, for example as a single-material solution.

3D-Knitted Bandages

Through a share in Visiomed GmbH, we have access to a long experience in the production of elastic medical support bandages. The focus is on the production of bandages with 3D knitting technology. With this method, localised compression areas or pockets for pads can be integrated directly into the textile, without any disturbing seams.

Medical Laminates and Breathable Healthcare Textiles

With our extrusion coating we produce medical laminates such as reusable surgical textiles or incontinence pads in a solvent-free and energy-saving process. In addition to a waterproof barrier function, the laminates are breathable and can be washed and sterilised many cycles. Thus, they meet the highest requirements for medical textiles. The laminates are offered as an easily recyclable single material solution and are a perfect and sustainable replacement for laminates with PTFE or PU membranes.