Our Solutions for Occupational Safety and Uniforms.

Visible means safe. With this principle, occupational safety is primarily about visually standing-out. Topp Textil offers a wide range of options for prominently highlighting work and service clothing, and increasing the visibility and safety of those wearing them. Our solutions are not only particularly fashionable but also robust for demanding use.

Topp Textil Industry Icon Workwear

Reflective Tapes

Our reflective tapes made of 3M™ Scotchlite™ are sewn into firefighter uniforms, safety vests, and protective clothing. The reflective tapes are also available as reflective piping that can be fashionably sewn into shirts, jackets, and trousers. This way, the extra visibility and safety also becomes a real eye-catcher.


For the workwear segment, we offer a wide range of TOPP® Pipings in common signal colours. They are sewn into protective clothing, workwear, and uniforms for increased visibility and fashionable accents.

Light Piping

The TOPP® Light Piping is our innovation highlight for the workwear segment. Like a conventional piping, the LED piping is sown into protective clothing. With different light modes, it ensures increased visibility and safety even when it is not exposed to spotlight. The battery is connected via USB and all the electronics are suitable for industrial laundering.