Textile Parts and Components.

Our tapes can already be found both visibly and invisibly in numerous car interiors. In recent years, we have also developed various textile components for interiors, including lightweight fabric-reinforced composites. Such components are used for structural reinforcement in the interior, e.g. in door panels or car boots. They can also be used for visible applications, e.g. trims or instrument panels.

Bias Fabrics for Mouldable Strength

Fabrics have a particularly high strength, but their application in moulded parts has been limited until now. However, with our bias fabrics, 3D structures can be reproduced without wrinkling. The attractive appearance even allows them to be used in visible areas.

Textile Hemp for Components

We at Topp are enthusiastic about textile hemp. Outstanding tensile strength and an unmatched sustainability balance make hemp an interesting material for many applications in the composit sector. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of hemp fabrics and hemp fibres, some of which come from our own cultivation.

Other Expertise

Tape Production