Cutting and Commission Cutting.

Cutting textile fabrics into narrow tapes is our daily business. During preparatory rewinding, the fabric can be converted to other lengths and cores. The cutting processes we use are plunge cutting as well as cold and hot rewind cutting. Depending on the material and process, the tape can be cut up to 4 mm narrow.

Hot and Cold Rewind-Cutting

When using the rewinding process, the wide fabric is unwound, cut by a large number of knives, and then rewound as individual tapes. Hot knives or ultrasonic knives can be used for fabrics made of synthetic materials. The heat can seal the edges and prevent them from fraying.

Plunge Cutting

Using the plunge cutting method, a large rotating knife cuts a rotating wide fabric into many small slices. The advantage over rewind-cutting is a much shorter set-up time. Many of our bias fabrics do not tend to fray and can thus be cut efficiently by plunge cutting.

Other Expertise

Tape Production