Textile Solutions for the Automotive Industry.

There is a large number of textile products in car interiors. From seats to floor mats to headliners, you are surrounded by textiles. We develop and produce tapes, components, and further solutions for visible and invisible applications inside cars, trucks, and airplanes.

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Sealing and Heat Sealing Tapes

Our TOPP® Seal heat sealing and sealing tapes are made of fabrics and films which are coated with hot-melt adhesives such as TPU or Co-PES. Especially bias fabric allows for high strength with a high degree of elongation and flexibility. This allows the tapes to be guided around radii without creases and to be processed particularly cleanly. Our tapes are mostly hot-air welded to the substrate surface. The final application is the sealing or taping of any kind of seams.

Seam Reinforcement

Our TOPP® Seam tapes are used to stabilise a decorative seam on the back, e.g. in the seat or instrument panel. The seam reinforcement tape ensures even stitching and a homogeneous, clean pattern of the stitch.

Decorative Pipings

This makes a difference. Our TOPP® Piping decorative pipings are the elegant details that make a design perfect. Available in many colours, materials or structures, the piping is sewn into instrument panels or seat covers to set particular highlights.

Airbag Tapes

Our TOPP® Seal Airbag tapes are perforated tapes with patented technology. For seam reinforcement they are sewn into seats and instrument panels above the airbag. As soon as the airbag is deployed, the tape tears in a controlled manner, allowing the airbag to expand into the passenger compartment. The airbag tape from Topp allows more design freedom while maintaining the same level of safety.

Interior Textiles

With our innovative patented Phase-Knit technology, we can produce aesthetic and highly functional interior knitted fabrics. The product range of this technology includes automotive seat covers as well as knitted fabrics for door or instrument panels.