Visit of MEP Ulrike Müller

How can policymakers make industrial hemp stronger? We discussed this question with Ulrike Müller today.

As a farmer and as a member of the Bavarian state parliament and European Parliament with intensive agricultural committee work, Ulrike Müller is an expert when it comes to shaping the future of agricultural policy.This future also includes promoting ecologically responsible agriculture and further strengthening the bio-based industry.Once again a clear case for our favourite plant, hemp!

We had an entertaining discussion with Mrs Müller about the ecological potential and versatile uses of the hemp plant. We presented our hemp start-up in Hungary and the specific products we are already developing from hemp for the automotive sector.

However, it was also important to point out that, despite its potential, industrial hemp unfortunately does not yet have the same status in German politics as it does in some neighbouring countries. But we all agreed that this urgently needs to change, because hemp can make a significant contribution to the raw materials transition!