1. Airbag Seam Tape
  2. Bias Binding Tape
  3. Cut Tape
  4. Edging Tape
  5. Flame Retardant Tapes
  6. Luminescent Tapes
  7. Piping and Cord Piping
  8. Printed Textile Tapes
  9. Punched Tapes
  10. Reflective Tape
  11. Ruffle Tape
  12. Sealing Tape
  13. Seam Joining Tape – Topp Speedfix
  14. Seam Reinforcement
  15. Self-Adhesive Tapes
  16. Tunnel Tape
  17. Underwire Tape
  18. Waistband
  19. Woven Filtration Tube
  20. Woven Tubular Fabric

Ruffle Tape

The Topp Textil Group produces ruffle ribbons in different variations, qualities and colours. Ruffles emphasise the effect of the materials and give each piece its own character. Ruffled decorative ribbons can be found on curtains, tablecloths, garments such as dirndls and other textile items. For curtains and tablecloths, the ribbons are worked into the edge as decoration. Dirndl manufacturers use such ribbons, for example, for the rounding of the neck and for the décolleté.

Materials such as tulle, organza, satin and lace are used. But many other qualities are also suitable for trendy ruffled ribbons. The ruffled ribbons can be produced elastic or non-elastic. Some ruffles are equipped with a so-called pleated border. This allows the ribbons to be worked into curves in a more targeted way.

Especially in the Italian market via Topp Italia, fashion ruffle tapes are produced and used according to the latest trends.