1. Airbag Seam Tape
  2. Bias Binding Tape
  3. Cut Tape
  4. Edging Tape
  5. Flame Retardant Tapes
  6. Luminescent Tapes
  7. Piping and Cord Piping
  8. Printed Textile Tapes
  9. Punched Tapes
  10. Reflective Tape
  11. Ruffle Tape
  12. Sealing Tape
  13. Seam Joining Tape – Topp Speedfix
  14. Seam Reinforcement
  15. Self-Adhesive Tapes
  16. Tunnel Tape
  17. Underwire Tape
  18. Waistband
  19. Woven Filtration Tube
  20. Woven Tubular Fabric

Self-Adhesive Tapes

Topp Textil has different laminating and adhesive technologies to equip textile surfaces and tapes with various adhesive functions. Topp produces various self-adhesive tapes for the cold bonding process. For example, "anti-squeak and creak tapes" are used on this basis in the furniture and especially the automotive industry. When two different materials or surfaces meet, friction can cause unwanted noises (so-called "stick-slip effect"). These so-called "anti-slip tapes" are individually developed at Topp Textil on the basis of the available base materials and the respective requirements, in order to ultimately approximate static friction and sliding friction coefficients.

Since the 1950s, Topp has been offering elastic or non-elastic rubber-based tapes for technical applications. Applications include foam rubber seals on vehicles, instrument panels, inflatable boats, rescue equipment and rescue suits.  

Common starting materials are woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics. Depending on the intended use, the fibres or textile tapes are given an appropriate flame-retardant or light-resistant finish. All these special tapes are produced in various designs such as folded, unfolded, sewn, diagonally or straight cut.