1. Airbag Seam Tape
  2. Bias Binding Tape
  3. Cut Tape
  4. Edging Tape
  5. Flame Retardant Tapes
  6. Luminescent Tapes
  7. Piping and Cord Piping
  8. Printed Textile Tapes
  9. Punched Tapes
  10. Reflective Tape
  11. Ruffle Tape
  12. Sealing Tape
  13. Seam Joining Tape – Topp Speedfix
  14. Seam Reinforcement
  15. Self-Adhesive Tapes
  16. Tunnel Tape
  17. Underwire Tape
  18. Waistband
  19. Woven Filtration Tube
  20. Woven Tubular Fabric


The first industrial waistband in Europe was developed by Topp in the 1940s. Since then, different variations of waistbands and waistband linings have been produced at Topp's locations for ladies' and men's trousers, suits, jeans, denim as well as for functional waistbands in the HAKA and workwear sector.

Today, Topp Textil manufactures all types of waistbands: glued waistbands, sewn waistbands with visible or concealed seams, waistbands with shirt stoppers (rubber caterpillars and silicone coatings) or various print motifs as well as wash waistbands for PPT (Pronto per Tinta) or RFD (Ready for Dye) coordinated with the components. The standard width is 45 mm and can be reduced or widened according to customer requirements. Topp bases its production on the washing values required by the customer (up to 95° enzyme wash), the longitudinal elasticities and the transverse stability of the waistband. In addition to the technical requirements, the Topp design team also takes into account current trends in customer collections with different coloured fabrics, print variations and woven bands.

Together with the actual waistband, Topp offers a package of other complementary products that can also pick up design elements of the waistband within the trousers or jacket, if necessary. For example, the fly for the inside of the trousers, which protects the wearer's skin from direct contact with the zip. Likewise the associated pocket lining, which is available in different materials and yarns as well as different weaves (twill, fish degree, etc.) depending on the requirements in terms of use and design. There is also a wide range of design possibilities for the edging tapes for trouser pockets (safety tapes, perlon tapes, bias tapes in one colour, printed or in coloured fabrics) and seat seams. Shock tapes and tapes for belt loops with different finishes and iron-on coatings round off the package of accessories for trousers. The Topp Textil team will be happy to work with you to develop the ideal solution for the intended application.