1. Airbag Seam Tape
  2. Bias Binding Tape
  3. Cut Tape
  4. Edging Tape
  5. Flame Retardant Tapes
  6. Luminescent Tapes
  7. Piping and Cord Piping
  8. Printed Textile Tapes
  9. Punched Tapes
  10. Reflective Tape
  11. Ruffle Tape
  12. Sealing Tape
  13. Seam Joining Tape – Topp Speedfix
  14. Seam Reinforcement
  15. Self-Adhesive Tapes
  16. Tunnel Tape
  17. Underwire Tape
  18. Waistband
  19. Woven Filtration Tube
  20. Woven Tubular Fabric

Sealing Tape

The increased demand for functionality and efficient production possibilities requires high-quality seams in the clothing and technical industries. Especially to prevent the penetration of water or hot mixtures in back foams, the Topp company developed the seam sealing tapes Topp® Seal in cooperation with its customers, which are provided with a thermally activated coating.

These tapes are mainly used in the technical industry and special areas of the clothing industry. Here, the straight and bias tapes can be used variably and serve special purposes depending on the industry. The in-house brand products Topp® Seal find their place, for example, in the roofs of convertibles, water bags, ski bags, suitcases, backpacks, boats, protective and rescue equipment and bags. For sealing tents, Topp's sealing tapes are a composite with weather-resistant textiles with a waterproof coating.

In the process, the seams are reinforced to produce efficiently and without wrinkles and to protect them from the penetration of various liquids. Depending on the technical design, these special tapes enable seams to be sealed and stabilised while still ensuring elasticity. Tapes are produced that are extremely resistant and perfectly sealing, even in the cross-seam area. The Topp® Seal tapes can also be given an additional flame-retardant finish, depending on the intended use.

Here, qualities such as cotton fabric coated with natural rubber adhesive coating, polyester or polyamide fabric with thermoplastic adhesive film coating based on polyurethane and polyester as well as compositions of carrier fabric with polyurethane, membranes and a two- to five-component polyurethane hotmelt coating are produced. These adhesive coatings seal the seams at a defined temperature, pressure and dwell time. Depending on the area of application and quantity, tapes are manufactured to the millimetre in a wide variety of widths.