1. Airbag Seam Tape
  2. Bias Binding Tape
  3. Cut Tape
  4. Edging Tape
  5. Flame Retardant Tapes
  6. Luminescent Tapes
  7. Piping and Cord Piping
  8. Printed Textile Tapes
  9. Punched Tapes
  10. Reflective Tape
  11. Ruffle Tape
  12. Sealing Tape
  13. Seam Joining Tape – Topp Speedfix
  14. Seam Reinforcement
  15. Self-Adhesive Tapes
  16. Tunnel Tape
  17. Underwire Tape
  18. Waistband
  19. Woven Filtration Tube
  20. Woven Tubular Fabric

Underwire Tape

Topp Textil produces special underwire tapes for lingerie and for the corsetry industry. These are sewn into bras underneath the cup. There, the band guides the underwire and cushions it at the same time. The underwire band prevents direct contact with the skin, optimises wearing comfort and ensures that the underwire stays in place even after repeated washing and heavy use. The Topp range includes particularly soft and comfortable fabrics, which are processed into iron-on or seam cover tapes in different elasticities, weight classes and with various interlinings.

When making up the tapes, Topp uses different skin-friendly qualities and processing forms, mostly made of cotton or organic cotton, polyamide or polyester, which are available in a wide range of colours or are dyed according to customer specifications. The iron-on tapes and seam cover tapes are cut and then sewn or glued in such a way that a hollow space remains in the tape into which the hanger can subsequently be incorporated. Here, Topp usually guarantees a cutting accuracy of +/- 1 mm.

Some large customers have been entrusting Topp with the production of their iron-on straps for many years and are always fully satisfied with the product quality and the solutions proposed. Topp also offers its customers contract processing in this area.